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what else is possible


I’m moved to share that I’m a bit overwhelmed at this time in our history with so much disconnection. It takes a concerted effort day to day to rise above the noise of disgust and mistrust for our fellow humans who have started to feel like another species altogther. I’m an empath and feel all of it keenly. Rising above means cultivating love in my family, friends and community. Rising above means being my word and in integrity with living the healthy yogi lifestyle that I teach others daily. Rising above especially means knowing in my heart that that my voice matters, and it is important to keep sharing the light and to shed it in the darkness even when it’s scary. Rising above means finding ways to facilitate love through connection with ourselves, with each other and with our mother earth. Let’s choose what else is possible that can make our lives better as humanity.


Who Is A Bottom Feeder Anyway?

I recently heard someone I thought I respected call someone else a “bottom feeder.” I felt myself cringe. Usually my respect and admiration is greater for those who are less judgmental and don’t need to name call. Labels can dis-able. Somehow this time the opinionated statement sent my mind spiraling into a series of questions.  What constitutes someone being deemed a “bottom feeder?” What’s wrong with feeding on the bottom if you are on the bottom? And am I a bottom feeder because I recently hit a bottom myself?

Taking big risks means sometimes I find myself falling down hard, but I pride myself on my bounce-ability. I like to go for big dreams, and pursue whatever I desire with gusto. Yet, occasionally, I’ll misjudge or misstep, and arguably even those experiences are meant to be my lessons of contrast. So I pick myself up, dust off, and continue gladly along my path.

Bottom feeding. Feeding on the bottom. What is one to be, do, have if one doesn’t take advantage of the resources closest at hand to move through experiences and gather strength to move onward and upward? Even the notion of onward or upward can be debatable, we really have nowhere to “get to.”

Yet, life feels like I am on a journey of self-improvement, growth and learning through my creation of multi-faceted experiences. I like to squeeze every drop out of life I can, saying yes until the cost is too high along my way.

If I’m a wild child feeding on the marrow of life. It may seem from one’s narrow point of view to be feeding on the bottom, to me it may be am elevated perch from where I was previously resting, and I will quench my thirst and sate my hunger.

ImageThere are times that even when we try try try nothing seems to work.  It’s easy to get frustrated and annoyed at the world, it appears that everything else spirals in the opposite direction of what we want in such short order.  Lines at the store or bank take forever, all the traffic lights are red and stop and go, we just miss our connection at a bus or train station and must wait. In fact, I’ve always ix-nayed the word “try,” as in when we are “trying too hard” we’re totally in our heads, a space of duality. Times like this it’s best to slow down and pay attention to whatever we are thinking being in opposition with any semblance of The Flow.  Where is that special point of flowing-ness?  How can we re-align ourselves with ease, joy and glory where life just is effortless and enjoyable again?

My first cue to take a pause is my moodiness.  When I’m in a space of being out of sorts, I’ll just stop and focus on nature for awhile.  Or focus on nature and meditate.  I’m grateful for being here and just breathe into the softness and gentleness of my soul.  Checking in, yes, I’m still here whatever, however, wherever “here” may be.

Now I’ve learned some supportive grounding breath work tools: squeeze muhla banda (Sanskrit for root or base, beginning or foundation, which means basically do kiegels), then squeeze your heart, place your attention on your crown at the top of your head and breathe from above in the heavens into the top of your head and down through your heart and center of yourself out of your root chakra into the earth, and then back up again pulling from the earth upwards.  This is a great start to clearing gunk out of your system to regain grounded-ness and clarity, which allows for creativity and wisdom, as well as power and energy, love and communication, vision and intuition, and magnetic vibration!  We are the abundance we seek. There is nothing we are not!

Happy clearing.

Autumn: To Shed By Thy Grace

ImageAs it’s a new season, Autumn in particular, I always think about what ways of being I want to shed and how I can continue to grow and learn along my path. I came across a beautiful poem by Robert Frost, The Road Less Traveled, from my cousin a couple of years ago. I certainly have taken that path in my life– I love that poem. And I’m thoroughly enjoying most of my ride so far, and even smiling through the painful parts, tears and all. I’ve noticed I always have had a zest to explore under every rock, around every bend, to experience and squeeze as much out of life as I possibly can. Sometimes I do it more clumsily than other times.

Lately I’m noticing the inter-connectedness of all of us, all of life in fact, rather keenly. I’ve been doing kundalini yoga quite a bit, and just fin

ished a 52-day practice. One of the things I’m choosing to focus on lately is grace. What grace means in the full sense of the word, as a way of being, perhaps spiritually it is something that some believe we cannot attain in life. I’m not so sure, I think we can. I view it as a state which we can tap into through living through our hearts with loving kindness, which includes towards ourselves, family, friends, animals, those we don’t know, plants, all things. It’s these small moments of connection that really make life sweet.I’m simply writing to send some loving kindness your way. 🙂
Here’s a song that I really love that I felt you may enjoy too:

Loving light,

Getting Unstuck from The Whys To Be-ing Wise

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ImageHave you ever noticed that when we focus our attention on problems we can get stuck in an experience that feels like spiraling down into mud and even quicksand to nowhere good fast?

Our minds run amok in cahoots with our ego, and what might have been one problem seems to grow and grow, soon we don’t think of much else. Sometimes you may find yourself depressed, frustrated, or even angry.   When we internalize these feelings, this sticky discomfort ends up residing literally in our bodies.  Anger and depression and their counterparts can hang out living in our cells in such a way that we get dis-ease.  We may have encountered those who use everyone and everything outside of themselves to get rid of these emotions, through ab-use.  Ab means away from or off in it’s latin prefix roots, and literally people “get away from”  or “give off “ their negativity by using others to do so.

When you start to recognize that we don’t “have to” get stuck in the whys or hows of knowing it all, or getting to anywhere, or even being “right,” this awareness alone can bring an experience of flowing with greater ease and joy in our lives.  Responses and making choices through an inner barometer of intuitive awareness is like filling our lungs with a breath of fresh air.  This flow is a state of internal wisdom we all have, and never goes away.

* * *

The A.R.C. Angel Program gives people a means to Be empowered, inspired, and re-connect with the greatness of who we are using that inner barometer.  The tools you gain through A.R.C. Angel are based on three foundational elements: A = Awareness, R= Response-Ability (the ability to respond with an innate consciousness), and C= Choice (choosing in each moment facilitates peace and joy that can be transforming).

The AWARENESS portion can be done one on one or with a group, it’s titled, Be The Blossom, and is taught through a one-day experiential personal development workshop.   Students gain awareness to realize we are the blossom, the sweetness, the beauty we see outside ourselves, or even have been searching for.  Using our feelings and bodies as vehicles to learn everything can be seen simply as a point of view, you get to notice new found distinctions in our life experiences.  This is done in a choreographed exploration throughout the day individually, in pairs, and as a group to experience new levels of awareness through movement, sound, weight, visualization, and then meditation.  We recall that we are vibrational beings, and any awareness just brings more awareness.  Receive tools and anchors to support you in playing in a new way in your life. Allowing yourself to flow with greater ease and joy.

RESPONSE-ABILITY is literally getting into the state of being able to respond from a conscious and aware place whether at work, home, even in times of stress.  This is quite different from responsibility with an “I,” which is generally a term that  gets us mired down in “have to’s” and mile long lists of “to do’s,” isn’t it?

I know I don’t feel light, fun and free when someone says, “be responsible Valerie!”  Usually it’s in reaction to something I’ve done that they don’t approve of and perhaps view as irresponsible.  Synonyms for irresponsible are reckless, careless, unreliable, imprudent, undependable I could go on, but you get the idea.  When we move out of judgment and into allowance, of ourselves and of others;  the necessity of doing based on getting approval  goes away, and so does the viewpoint that we have to be responsible because we adults, or mature, or in control, or need to be right, etc.

The realization that every moment has infinite possibilities is a fun state to be in. There is fun, freedom and joy to be had when we allow that we are the creators of our lives as opposed to victims of circumstance.  Get freed up to respond in each moment with consciousness of what is authentic for us. Recognize ourselves through our hearts, and our divine spirits.

CHOICE is a big term that facilitates a moment to moment existence that is fluid, flexible, flowing.  It begins with being aware, moves through the ability to respond, and flows through love and fear, pain and joy, abundance and scarcity, duality and non-duality.  It is continually in motion, flexing, and flowing in and out, expanding and contracting everything including what we feel most keenly, us.  Once we know there is nowhere to “get to” there is a shift in perception of what and who we are from human beings with just physical selves, to divine spirits in connection with all there is.

When Bruce Lee explains in an interview, “Empty your mind, become formless, shapeless like water.  You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup.  You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it into a teapot it becomes the teapot.  Now water can flow or it can crash.  Be water my friend.”  By describing water takes on the shape of whatever container it’s in, it becomes the cup for example, this is a state of being more than doing, where I interpret “being” as flowing with the empty mind, and “crashing” as doing through mind.

I can best describe the being state as equanimity and allowance.  Equanimity comes from the Latin word “aequus”meaning balanced, and “animus”meaning spirit or internal state. When we are in allowance of what is, we don’t need to change it, fix it, control it, or judge it, even if we accept it we are rejecting something else, so to be in allowance is a level of homeostasis and harmony. We find ourselves in an incredible reflection of all that is which creates immense peace and joy.

“Awakening To Oneness”

ImageI have a lot to say on the topic of “Oneness,” after all I am a healer committed to being in service to humanity.  The big “I AM,” or oftentimes more like “who am I?”  This question of “who am I” comes up a lot when focused on transformation of self and others on a daily basis.  Recently, at a dinner party I came to an epiphany that I’m a F.O.F., Facilitator of Freedom.  I facilitate people in getting free to experience personal growth, whatever the transition may be – health, relationship, career – all of the above.  Freedom can be from others opinions, judgements, and generally letting go of whatever obstacles you may have in the way. Being free is an exhilarating proposition, whether you jump out of an airplane and sail through the air at a gazillion miles an hour before pulling that parachute cord or not.   Many of us live in fear of whether we have the “right” image, are doing what we are “supposed to” and pleasing others to the point we lose our own identity.  Sometimes we lose others we love in the process.  Being free from all this drama and trauma we accumulate in a lifetime is quite an accomplishment.

If you weren’t aware, the field of transformation is a recent industry title for anyone dedicating their time and energy to serving people in breaking through limiting behaviors, thoughts, habits, and lifestyles into a greater connection with themSelves (capital S) and others.   People who used to be simply called therapists with a psychology doctorate degree and a well-worn leather couch, are now an eclectic blend of healers, shamans, coaches, yogis, light workers, gurus.  Often a guru is complete with a following that demonstrates a so-called level of importance, although this is somewhat antithetical to having truly transformed because NEEDING to have followers as any level of validation is an egoic status in and of itself. Human nature I suppose, our need for “significance and recognition.” I feel that. It also seems there is great importance placed on having spent time discovering oneself in India.

Personally I would like to go to India and spend some undefined length of time in an ashram with a guru, however, it’s more from a cultural curiosity than a belief that it will bring me to greater oneness. Maybe it will if I stay detached enough about it. 

What does this awakening to oneness mean to me?  It’s a really a practice of all the different ways to BE, more specifically in love and connection with ourSelves, each other, and all that is.  Be-ing means we get to step out of fear that comes from forgetting our true divine nature and place a big toe on the pause button.  I love the pause button.  It brings me into the present moment whether it’s with the beauty of nature; or music, art, dance, any creativity really; or even the ecstatic connection of sharing love, what we love, or love making…this is where our Be-ingness resides.  In these spaces inbetween the rush and seriously sped up motion of daily life.

Take a moment and hit your pause button to feel the connection with all that is.  Inbetween, underneath, inside, outside, and around the everything else.  It’s always there, who we really are. 

In love and gratitude,