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Valerie Leeds, Founder of Invigorate U, LLC.

Valerie is a dynamic, inspiring woman and visionary social entrepreneur committed to supporting people in being their greatness. She has 17 years experience in the field of Personal Development and Certified Integrative Bodywork and Energy Therapy. She is a writer, business development consultant, CEO of Invigorate U, LLC., and co-founder of My Voice Matters Worldwide Foundation (MVMW, Inc.). MVMW leads empowerment workshops to teach middle school children through creativity and experiential exercises. The children learn to express themselves passionately, both individually and in a team, to tap into their inner power and uniqueness. Also co-founder of The No Toxic Zone, with powerhouse mover and shaker, Kellie Kuecha. We’ve created a movement that starts with a pledge of responsibilty, we educate and support people in how to choose better, safer products for their bodies, homes, and environment. (

Valerie started her quest for knowledge of the transformational in Metaphysics class in Stuyvesant H.S., NYC, where she was lucky to study with Dr. Bindman. There she discovered a deep affinity for learning how we are all connected through bio-magnetic energy fields. Her desire to understand human nature and what makes us tick continued at Colby College through studies in the social sciences, East Asian studies, and culminated in a BA in Cross Cultural Anthropology and Women’s Studies.

Valerie developed her unique ability to connect mentally and emotionally with people on a deeper spiritual level through work at ‘The Academy,’ on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The Academy of Natural Healing is an alternative education center and school offering diverse natural healing programs. It is run by Director, Lewis Harrison, an internationally respected visionary, speaker, teacher, and coach in the area of human potential and peak performance. The teaching at The Academy lends itself to inspiring students to create their own career paths from the perspective of: “How many lives are you changing, and what kind of legacy are you leaving?” Becoming a Certified Integrative Bodywork and Energy Therapist at The Academy gave her an understanding of how our bio-magnetic fields intersect with and can impact our physical and mental bodies.

Expert student and graduate of: Access Consciousness and Energy Transformation, including the Bars, Foundation, Levels 1, 2 and 3; Graduate of Summit Education – Discovery, Advanced and Leadership, and twice in the Masters; sometimes staff member of the Gratitude Training, including 3 months doing Senior Coaching for Masterful Living 2. These training courses are based on the premise that all of us, as human beings, are often limited by our current belief systems. Valerie uses these many human potential training tools to bring a fresh look at how your mind and consciousness can be adapted on a moment to moment basis from our own internal guidance systems of “knowing,” and then choosing how to author our lives.

A.R.C. Angel
Putting it all together through years of sales training and sales psychology working with Equinox International and Advanced Marketing Seminars, AOL and Time Warner, she has practiced aspects of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), and uses both her Access Energy Therapy and Human Potential Training as a foundation. Valerie has now developed a unique strategy teaching and training people how to shift their belief systems and behavior. She integrates her powerful yet gentle style of mind-body improvement into customized one-on-one programs called A.R.C. Angel. Here you will be coached to remove blocks from the body level all the way to the mindset, as Valerie is the catalyst facilitating you to achieve even higher levels of success in both your personal and professional life. Programs are offered as monthly packages, see A.R.C. Angel (A.R.C. = Awareness, Respons-ability, Choice),

She sailed on a 7-month sojourn from NY to Trinidad, island hopping through the Caribbean on a 42′ Sailing Yacht.

She developed the “Mind Coach” with avid golfer Mark Amato. This is a 4-part series of Workshops to guide golfers to a place of new awareness, belief, and understanding about how their mind affects their performance. Golf becomes a metaphor for life.


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