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Who Is A Bottom Feeder Anyway?

I recently heard someone I thought I respected call someone else a “bottom feeder.” I felt myself cringe. Usually my respect and admiration is greater for those who are less judgmental and don’t need to name call. Labels can dis-able. Somehow this time the opinionated statement sent my mind spiraling into a series of questions.  What constitutes someone being deemed a “bottom feeder?” What’s wrong with feeding on the bottom if you are on the bottom? And am I a bottom feeder because I recently hit a bottom myself?

Taking big risks means sometimes I find myself falling down hard, but I pride myself on my bounce-ability. I like to go for big dreams, and pursue whatever I desire with gusto. Yet, occasionally, I’ll misjudge or misstep, and arguably even those experiences are meant to be my lessons of contrast. So I pick myself up, dust off, and continue gladly along my path.

Bottom feeding. Feeding on the bottom. What is one to be, do, have if one doesn’t take advantage of the resources closest at hand to move through experiences and gather strength to move onward and upward? Even the notion of onward or upward can be debatable, we really have nowhere to “get to.”

Yet, life feels like I am on a journey of self-improvement, growth and learning through my creation of multi-faceted experiences. I like to squeeze every drop out of life I can, saying yes until the cost is too high along my way.

If I’m a wild child feeding on the marrow of life. It may seem from one’s narrow point of view to be feeding on the bottom, to me it may be am elevated perch from where I was previously resting, and I will quench my thirst and sate my hunger.


About Invigorate U

Certified Dr. Sears Health Coach, Certified Integrative Bodywork & Access Energy Therapist Valerie Leeds, Founder of Invigorate U, and Co-Owner of Zen Den Yoga School & Wellness Retreat Center. Invigorate U specializes in health, wellness and personal empowerment through healing modalities on the massage table, and transformational mentoring strategies off the massage table. Valerie has 2 decades of experience in the field of health and personal development, 19 as a Certified Integrative Bodywork and Energy Therapist, doing healing internationally. I cultivate your wellbeing, “We all go in and out of balance. Our equilibrium is shifting all the time. I teach you to harness tools that you can use to re-balance and rejuvenate moment to moment each day. The more tools and the more resources you have in your tool belt the greater the ease in shifting your focus – whether for pain management, negotiation of a business deal, cultivating a whole food lifestyle, improving your golf game, or to improve intimacy in relationships.” Valerie Leeds Many clients report feeling sessions with Valerie often result in feelings of lightness, calmness, and bliss in the body and mind. There is a release that occurs by clearing the electromagnetic fields in and around your body. Experience greater ease, joy and glory! Valerie Leeds is adept at being your catalyst and guide through life’s transitions. § Create Greater Intimacy through a new level of Consciousness and Awareness in Relationships, and learn to navigate Gender Patterns § Train in Special Tools to Reduce Stress, Shift Obstacles and Eliminate Limiting Beliefs § Generate Empowerment Systems and Strategies for Ease and Joy in whatever you desire – Food & Wellness, Relationships, & Spirit.

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