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ImageThere are times that even when we try try try nothing seems to work.  It’s easy to get frustrated and annoyed at the world, it appears that everything else spirals in the opposite direction of what we want in such short order.  Lines at the store or bank take forever, all the traffic lights are red and stop and go, we just miss our connection at a bus or train station and must wait. In fact, I’ve always ix-nayed the word “try,” as in when we are “trying too hard” we’re totally in our heads, a space of duality. Times like this it’s best to slow down and pay attention to whatever we are thinking being in opposition with any semblance of The Flow.  Where is that special point of flowing-ness?  How can we re-align ourselves with ease, joy and glory where life just is effortless and enjoyable again?

My first cue to take a pause is my moodiness.  When I’m in a space of being out of sorts, I’ll just stop and focus on nature for awhile.  Or focus on nature and meditate.  I’m grateful for being here and just breathe into the softness and gentleness of my soul.  Checking in, yes, I’m still here whatever, however, wherever “here” may be.

Now I’ve learned some supportive grounding breath work tools: squeeze muhla banda (Sanskrit for root or base, beginning or foundation, which means basically do kiegels), then squeeze your heart, place your attention on your crown at the top of your head and breathe from above in the heavens into the top of your head and down through your heart and center of yourself out of your root chakra into the earth, and then back up again pulling from the earth upwards.  This is a great start to clearing gunk out of your system to regain grounded-ness and clarity, which allows for creativity and wisdom, as well as power and energy, love and communication, vision and intuition, and magnetic vibration!  We are the abundance we seek. There is nothing we are not!

Happy clearing.


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