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Autumn: To Shed By Thy Grace

ImageAs it’s a new season, Autumn in particular, I always think about what ways of being I want to shed and how I can continue to grow and learn along my path. I came across a beautiful poem by Robert Frost, The Road Less Traveled, from my cousin a couple of years ago. I certainly have taken that path in my life– I love that poem. And I’m thoroughly enjoying most of my ride so far, and even smiling through the painful parts, tears and all. I’ve noticed I always have had a zest to explore under every rock, around every bend, to experience and squeeze as much out of life as I possibly can. Sometimes I do it more clumsily than other times.

Lately I’m noticing the inter-connectedness of all of us, all of life in fact, rather keenly. I’ve been doing kundalini yoga quite a bit, and just fin

ished a 52-day practice. One of the things I’m choosing to focus on lately is grace. What grace means in the full sense of the word, as a way of being, perhaps spiritually it is something that some believe we cannot attain in life. I’m not so sure, I think we can. I view it as a state which we can tap into through living through our hearts with loving kindness, which includes towards ourselves, family, friends, animals, those we don’t know, plants, all things. It’s these small moments of connection that really make life sweet.I’m simply writing to send some loving kindness your way. 🙂
Here’s a song that I really love that I felt you may enjoy too:

Loving light,


About Invigorate U

Certified Dr. Sears Health Coach, Certified Integrative Bodywork & Access Energy Therapist Valerie Leeds, Founder of Invigorate U, and Co-Owner of Zen Den Yoga School & Wellness Retreat Center. Invigorate U specializes in health, wellness and personal empowerment through healing modalities on the massage table, and transformational mentoring strategies off the massage table. Valerie has 2 decades of experience in the field of health and personal development, 19 as a Certified Integrative Bodywork and Energy Therapist, doing healing internationally. I cultivate your wellbeing, “We all go in and out of balance. Our equilibrium is shifting all the time. I teach you to harness tools that you can use to re-balance and rejuvenate moment to moment each day. The more tools and the more resources you have in your tool belt the greater the ease in shifting your focus – whether for pain management, negotiation of a business deal, cultivating a whole food lifestyle, improving your golf game, or to improve intimacy in relationships.” Valerie Leeds Many clients report feeling sessions with Valerie often result in feelings of lightness, calmness, and bliss in the body and mind. There is a release that occurs by clearing the electromagnetic fields in and around your body. Experience greater ease, joy and glory! Valerie Leeds is adept at being your catalyst and guide through life’s transitions. § Create Greater Intimacy through a new level of Consciousness and Awareness in Relationships, and learn to navigate Gender Patterns § Train in Special Tools to Reduce Stress, Shift Obstacles and Eliminate Limiting Beliefs § Generate Empowerment Systems and Strategies for Ease and Joy in whatever you desire – Food & Wellness, Relationships, & Spirit.

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  1. By Thy Grace…this makes me melt and softens all the jagged edges, if for a moment. It echos deeply…since the first time someone played it for me.
    Whichever path…,it HAS made all the difference, because you are YOU! And its beings like you who will find that hidden treasure under a rock or a gift around that bend, maybe you already have. Never stop experiencing. squeezing, challenging yourself or others because the two roads do eventually end up meeting at the same place.


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