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“Awakening To Oneness”

ImageI have a lot to say on the topic of “Oneness,” after all I am a healer committed to being in service to humanity.  The big “I AM,” or oftentimes more like “who am I?”  This question of “who am I” comes up a lot when focused on transformation of self and others on a daily basis.  Recently, at a dinner party I came to an epiphany that I’m a F.O.F., Facilitator of Freedom.  I facilitate people in getting free to experience personal growth, whatever the transition may be – health, relationship, career – all of the above.  Freedom can be from others opinions, judgements, and generally letting go of whatever obstacles you may have in the way. Being free is an exhilarating proposition, whether you jump out of an airplane and sail through the air at a gazillion miles an hour before pulling that parachute cord or not.   Many of us live in fear of whether we have the “right” image, are doing what we are “supposed to” and pleasing others to the point we lose our own identity.  Sometimes we lose others we love in the process.  Being free from all this drama and trauma we accumulate in a lifetime is quite an accomplishment.

If you weren’t aware, the field of transformation is a recent industry title for anyone dedicating their time and energy to serving people in breaking through limiting behaviors, thoughts, habits, and lifestyles into a greater connection with themSelves (capital S) and others.   People who used to be simply called therapists with a psychology doctorate degree and a well-worn leather couch, are now an eclectic blend of healers, shamans, coaches, yogis, light workers, gurus.  Often a guru is complete with a following that demonstrates a so-called level of importance, although this is somewhat antithetical to having truly transformed because NEEDING to have followers as any level of validation is an egoic status in and of itself. Human nature I suppose, our need for “significance and recognition.” I feel that. It also seems there is great importance placed on having spent time discovering oneself in India.

Personally I would like to go to India and spend some undefined length of time in an ashram with a guru, however, it’s more from a cultural curiosity than a belief that it will bring me to greater oneness. Maybe it will if I stay detached enough about it. 

What does this awakening to oneness mean to me?  It’s a really a practice of all the different ways to BE, more specifically in love and connection with ourSelves, each other, and all that is.  Be-ing means we get to step out of fear that comes from forgetting our true divine nature and place a big toe on the pause button.  I love the pause button.  It brings me into the present moment whether it’s with the beauty of nature; or music, art, dance, any creativity really; or even the ecstatic connection of sharing love, what we love, or love making…this is where our Be-ingness resides.  In these spaces inbetween the rush and seriously sped up motion of daily life.

Take a moment and hit your pause button to feel the connection with all that is.  Inbetween, underneath, inside, outside, and around the everything else.  It’s always there, who we really are. 

In love and gratitude,




About Invigorate U

Certified Dr. Sears Health Coach, Certified Integrative Bodywork & Access Energy Therapist Valerie Leeds, Founder of Invigorate U, and Co-Owner of Zen Den Yoga School & Wellness Retreat Center. Invigorate U specializes in health, wellness and personal empowerment through healing modalities on the massage table, and transformational mentoring strategies off the massage table. Valerie has 2 decades of experience in the field of health and personal development, 19 as a Certified Integrative Bodywork and Energy Therapist, doing healing internationally. I cultivate your wellbeing, “We all go in and out of balance. Our equilibrium is shifting all the time. I teach you to harness tools that you can use to re-balance and rejuvenate moment to moment each day. The more tools and the more resources you have in your tool belt the greater the ease in shifting your focus – whether for pain management, negotiation of a business deal, cultivating a whole food lifestyle, improving your golf game, or to improve intimacy in relationships.” Valerie Leeds Many clients report feeling sessions with Valerie often result in feelings of lightness, calmness, and bliss in the body and mind. There is a release that occurs by clearing the electromagnetic fields in and around your body. Experience greater ease, joy and glory! Valerie Leeds is adept at being your catalyst and guide through life’s transitions. § Create Greater Intimacy through a new level of Consciousness and Awareness in Relationships, and learn to navigate Gender Patterns § Train in Special Tools to Reduce Stress, Shift Obstacles and Eliminate Limiting Beliefs § Generate Empowerment Systems and Strategies for Ease and Joy in whatever you desire – Food & Wellness, Relationships, & Spirit.

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