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My love affair with smoothies really started when I had my personal training studio with my ex-husband in Soho, NYC. We eventually made our way into a fabulous 5,000 sq. ft. store front studio. It was elevated a little from the sidewalk, and had floor to ceiling windows that opened sideways, so that the front of the studio was open to the street and passersby. What does this have to do with smoothies you’re wondering? I saw this setting was the ideal space to create an organic juice bar and cafe! I was on a mission from our opening to fulfill my vision… and for what better reason than I wanted to drink ’em myself. There were no smoothie or fresh juicing shops in the Hudson Square/Soho/West Village intersecting quadrant of downtown Manhattan. How this could be I had no clue.

It took some time, both to build out the bar by my handy husband, and then to enroll the best barista around to come over from Lifethyme Grocery. Needless to say when all of these pieces finally came together I was a happy camper and so were our clients, as well as many of the neighbors. We did a lot of fun experimenting, so I was able to have a smoothie and/or juice every day. I’ll share one of my all time fav’s here:

Blueberry smoothie (serves 1)
Place in a blender the following:
1 cup blueberries (I get frozen organic, wild blueberries also good)
1 banana (can be frozen ahead, if you do, remember to peel it first)
1 cup almond milk, or soy milk (I choose unsweetened because the fruit is sweet enough for me, but if you prefer, vanilla is nice too)
1 rounded tb of natural unsweetened peanut butter (or if you prefer, almond butter, but it changes the taste)
1 tb maca powder
1 tb cacao powder
1 tb lucuma powder
(it’s ok to add any combination of superfoods thereof. I’ve even added noni or spirulina to this combo – just be careful not too much of those potent powders). Then blend gradually up to high (10) for a minute until all is smooth. You may need to open it up to stir if it seems not moving, or add a tad bit more milk. I like them thicker and eating my smoothie with a spoon or drinking with a straw.

Blueberries promote digestive health as they are rich in soluble fiber. The tannins in blueberries reduce inflammation in the digestive system, and the polyphenols have been shown to have rich anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. What does this mean? They are great for digestion, brain health and for lowering risk for cardio-vascular disease!

Stay tuned for my Green smoothie, this is great way to better bones, help for your heart and an improved immune system!

Invigorating U,


About Invigorate U

Certified Dr. Sears Health Coach, Certified Integrative Bodywork & Access Energy Therapist Valerie Leeds, Founder of Invigorate U, and Co-Owner of Zen Den Yoga School & Wellness Retreat Center. Invigorate U specializes in health, wellness and personal empowerment through healing modalities on the massage table, and transformational mentoring strategies off the massage table. Valerie has 2 decades of experience in the field of health and personal development, 19 as a Certified Integrative Bodywork and Energy Therapist, doing healing internationally. I cultivate your wellbeing, “We all go in and out of balance. Our equilibrium is shifting all the time. I teach you to harness tools that you can use to re-balance and rejuvenate moment to moment each day. The more tools and the more resources you have in your tool belt the greater the ease in shifting your focus – whether for pain management, negotiation of a business deal, cultivating a whole food lifestyle, improving your golf game, or to improve intimacy in relationships.” Valerie Leeds Many clients report feeling sessions with Valerie often result in feelings of lightness, calmness, and bliss in the body and mind. There is a release that occurs by clearing the electromagnetic fields in and around your body. Experience greater ease, joy and glory! Valerie Leeds is adept at being your catalyst and guide through life’s transitions. § Create Greater Intimacy through a new level of Consciousness and Awareness in Relationships, and learn to navigate Gender Patterns § Train in Special Tools to Reduce Stress, Shift Obstacles and Eliminate Limiting Beliefs § Generate Empowerment Systems and Strategies for Ease and Joy in whatever you desire – Food & Wellness, Relationships, & Spirit.

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